Welcome to the BabyCam Program

The BabyCam program promotes bonding for your family when you are not able to visit your baby in the nursery. A high-definition camera is placed at your baby's bedside so that you are able to view your child in real time from any computer. It can be a very scary time when you have a baby in intensive care, and we hope this camera will alleviate some of these fears.

Since you will be able to see your baby in real time, you can call back to the nursery and ask your nurse specific questions about the baby regarding the different equipment, wires and tubes that may be connected to your baby. You, as the parent, are a very important part of this project, and we want your baby to get well and go home as quickly as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Please Read
The BabyCam System is for the use of authorized Children's Hospital at Lehigh Valley Hospital users and Children's Hospital at Lehigh Valley Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit families and friends only. Individuals using this network and associated computer systems are subject to system auditing activities. Users of this network expressly consent to such auditing and are subject to all Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) Confidentiality and Security policies. Individuals are advised that if network or system auditing reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, the LVHN Information Security Department may provide evidence to hospital officials or law enforcement agencies.  LVHN will not sell or distribute your email address as a result of using the LVHN BabyCam System.

Webcam Access
Families with BabyCam systems will be determined based on bed availability. If you would like to view your baby online through the webcam, please ask your nurse for a consent form, and you will be given a family username and password from the nursery. Please do not share your information with anyone you do not want to have access to the webcam.

NO ONE ELSE WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE WEBCAM, except for LVHN personnel authorized to have access to the site. Only the baby's parents will be allowed to activate the BabyCam.

Learn more about BabyCam
For more information or if you are having difficulty seeing your baby on the BabyCam, please contact:

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) -- For baby-related questions

Information Services Help Desk -- For technical or computer questions

Click here to download instructions (PDF).